Aconcagua is sort of the lazy-man’s Everest. Lazy because
it’s fairly easy to reach…you don’t have to fly all the way around the world…just pretty far south. And because it is a
“pretty easy” climb. I say that having never done it, but I did live in Chile and
climbed a few big peaks there and knew several folks who
did climb it. The fact is, it’s not a technical climb, assuming you take the main route. It’s actually more of a long,
sometimes miserable trudge. But it is high, at 22,834 feet, the highest peak not just in the Americas, but also in the
southern and western hemispheres. .The mountain is nothing to be trifled with especially for people who have problems
at altitude. It is also known for the “viento blanco,” or white wind which can make climbing difficult. No matter, the
article here talks a bit about the mountain and the writer summits which, despite the previous comments about it being
“easy” is something that not everyone does.