Cool or Lame: LP’s Stranger Than Fiction Game

The good folks at Lonely Planet have got a game for you to play.
They call it Stranger Than Fiction and the idea is you write about the oddest thing that has ever happened to you. Or
you can go in and read someone else’s story and act as reviewer. I checked it out. Most stories were pretty bad. Some
were OK. One ditty about two Aussie chickslooking for a “snog” from some American Hollywood folk elicited a

But what drove me crazy the whole time I was playing was the interface. Note to LP: Please NO POPUPS! Who does
popups anymore?! Especially with a really small window where you’re expected to read. You’re making me scroll to read
250 words? Lame. And how am I going to link to a good story in a popup with frames? And you’re making me register to
read these little stories? What, are you the New York Times? Dunno, usually I like LP, but this gets a thumbs down.