Hunting for a Hammock?

Ever since I moved away from Los Angeles I’ve been pretty die-hard about not letting ‘things’
keep me strapped in one place.  So die-hard that I’ve been camping out on my cozy air
mattress for over a year now and refuse to purchase furniture. (I’d like to know, if I needed to move my entire
existence in a matter of two hours I could be outta here.  And no, I’m not a fugitive.) Photo albums and guide
books from places I’ve been and long to go lay carelessly on the floor without bookshelves to house them.  An old
Magnavox television sits on a nightstand my mother placed in the room out of pity.  She couldn’t bear having the
TV on the floor too and all of this is really killing her.  She has been pleading for months that I at least try
getting a day-bed.

Well I’ve considered her pleas, only to come up with a different alternative.  Perhaps, my room does need a
little character, something to remind me of all the lazy moments spent in Costa Rica watching the sunset in vibrant
fiery hues.  Maybe even the time spent quietly counting mangos while napping in Trinidad.  Yes!  A
HAMMOCK!  What a marvelous plan!

In short, I’ve found a pretty swell place to browse for hammocks online
Hammocks are always nice to do nothing in and enjoy life especially while on vacation.  Though most places may
provide this small piece of paradise for you, try finding your own tucked between two palm trees on a sandy
beach.  Or if you’re a weirdo like myself, you can pitch yours up right in the house.