LP’s Guide to Experimental Travel

A very interesting publishing experiment from the folks at Lonely Planet.
They are coming out with a new book called the

Lonely Planet Guide To Experimental Travel
. It is written by Rachael Antony, Joel Henry, and Andrew Dean Nystrom,
the folks apparently behind Latourex.org. The book will be about
unusual ways to travel. The book isn’t out yet, so it’s hard to say what that means, but a few clues gleaned from
Kelly’s post at Writtenroad.com offers some clues:

“Alphatourism (identifying the first and last streets in a city’s A-Z, drawing a straight line between the two and
walking the route); nyctalotourism (arriving at twilight, looking around all night and leaving before dawn); and
uxoritourism (going on a trip organised by your wife).”

Strange, but could be very clever. We’ll have to wait and see…maybe the folks at LP will send me a review copy? (hint