The People’s Republic of Boulder

Just going to throw

another New York Times
piece out there because it’s about one of my favorite cities. I lived in Boulder years ago,
and while I know it’s changed a bit since then, I know many of my old haunting grounds are still there: Pearl Street,
Chatauqua Park, Boulder Creek Path, etc. And of course, the Flatirons still loom over the city like citadels. I miss it
just writing about it.

Anyway, time Times gives the town some justice, naming quaint little spots like the
Boulder Tea House, not to mention the incredible assortment of outdoors
stuff to do there. But I have to admit the article left me a little flat. Can’t say exactly why. I think I feel like it
didn’t quite capture the vibe of the place, and just provided a laundry list of places to go.