ipod gear: Otterbox

If you spend much time outside messing about with your ipod, you know how risky it can be
to listen to your music and be active. I was kayaking with mine recently and it slipped off my vest where I had it
clipped and almost fell into the water. I almost lost $500 just like that.

Is there a solution? You bet. The OtterBox for iPod
20G & 30/40/60G, is a waterproof, interactive case that lets you access controls through a durable, and relatively
compact design. The OtterBox is innovative, but aesthetically appealing. The Otterbox is impact resistant, so it’s not
going to withstand a mountain biking wipeout at 30 mph, but just might survive falling out of your hand while you
jog.  A convenient belt clip provides headphone cable management. This is a great new ipod innovation, and an
ideal solution for traveling ipodders.