Cool or Lame: Morgan Spurlock’s New Project

When I saw “Supersize Me” I remember thinking to myself what a wonderfully
simple idea this was. Morgan Spurlock decided to go on a strict diet of fast food for 30 days…McDonald’s fast food to
be specific. The film based on this endeavor went on to big fame and won many awards, all of which, I think, deserved.
But after the film, a friend of mine commented that Spurlock was a one hit wonder, that his idea was great, but that
likely he’d fade into pre-Supersize Me obscurity. Not so.

I looks like Mr. Spurlock is taking his wonderful concept and
expanding it into all sorts of
socially-conscious realms. His new show concept, to be aired on the FX channel will involve living some life-style for
a month and filming the entire process. According
to his blog, which gives a somewhat
consistent update on his project, he and his fiancée Alexandra moved to Columbus, OH where they decided to live on
minimum wage for one month. The idea being to show how hard it is to make it in the United States on the pltry sum of
(what is it now?) $5.15 an hour.

A superb idea. And quite timely, too. In fact, just yesterday the New York times started a series on class in America
that is sure to be Pulitzer material. In these heady Bushian days of conservative domestic policy, the show is surely
to develop a following. And this initial program is just the first of a series that will tackle issues ranging from
homosexuality to binge drinking, and consumerism. Very cool.