A Walk Through Harlem

The streets of Harlem have always been a place I’ve wanted to spend countless hours wandering
through, revisiting  some of the greatest moments that took place in Black
history.  To sojourn digs great poets like
Langston Hughes and Countee Cullen exhausted in the
hay-day of the Renaissance couldn’t make for a better summer field trip. 
Harlem Heritage Tours is excellent starting point to walking
trips galore, through Harlem yesterday and today.  Packed full of diversity you can take art, jazz, salsa,
hip hop, and gospel tours through the Manhattan neighborhood.  The best thing about Harlem Heritage is the tours
are given by folks that actually live and work in the community so you gain an insider’s view.  And if your feet
should wear out on you, drop into a nearby soul food restaurant for some rest and relaxation.