Sacramento Jazz Jubilee

Well, Sacramento doesn’t have much of a reputation when it comes to a party town. Most
folks I know who live there say it’s quiet and nice living, but not much goes on. That said, each Memorial Day, the
city kicks up its heels for the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee. The
four-day party features
lotsa good music, dancing, food and old-style Western garb.

The festival grew from a mere dock party in 1969 to an event that draws some 100,000 visitors a year
to 38 stages around the city, including the refurbished Delta King, now a popular hotel and restaurant. The nice
thing about Sacramento, though, is that it is also very close to San Francisico and Lake Tahoe, so if you’re bored with
the festival, you can also go to the City or do some sweet mountain biking in the Sierras.