Watershed Dry Bags

Any long paddling trip, or even a scuba trip for that matter, requires that you keep your gear dry. I almost lost a
camera once thinking it wasn’t going to get wet, and then when my boat tipped it almost slipped into the deep blue
yonder. A $1000 camera gone like that. Fortunately, I caught it, but what I should have had on that trip was a good dry
bag. Now, whenever I’m paddling I bring one along. On long paddles, I bring several.

If you’re in need of a good dry bag, an excellent place to look is Watershed. They even nailed the domain
drybags.com, so you know they’re doing something right. One bag to look
at is the

Watershed Yukon
. It runs about $125 and has welded seams and a pretty nifty “Zipdry” closure. These bags keep out
the moisture extremely well, and allow to carry valuables you might not otherwise bring….like a camera, spare clothing,
food, camping stove, and so on.