One Delicious Waffle & One Succulent Breast

Funny, that I’d be having a late night case of the fits over the Carol C. special (One Delicious Waffle &
One Succulent Breast)  thousands of miles from the closest Roscoe’s Chicken and
. Some believe it’s a little more hype than it’s worth, but I beg to differ.  And I remember
my skepticism the first time a friend of mine wanted to go to the restaurant.  He was visiting Los
Angeles for the first time and heard the name of the place mentioned in some rap song.  I think it was Ice Cube
and boy was he sold. 

Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffle’s has been a favorite for many in the Los Angeles area just in it’s cozy atmosphere
alone.  Whether it be given praise in a song or not, the chicken and waffles are slammin’.  A combination
that could have only been created by means of ‘only things left in the kitchen,’ sure took me by surprise and
always has me coming back for more.  Granted the waffles may be a little over priced it’s still a fun place to
hang out with friends in the city of stars and smog.