Travel Blogging

There’s a lot of places online that want your travel stories, but what’s the catch?  So many blogs
these days offer services that let travelers on-the-go post about
their experiences making it easier for family and friends to keep track of their treks, but picking the right blog
isn’t always easy.  Just when you think you’ve found a nice place to call your travel blog home another pops up
with new enhanced features.  Or then there’s the issue of finding the one most of the folks in your network are
using. So if you’re looking to tuck your stories somewhere this summer check out this little bit
CNN Money does on travel
blogs.  Though there are a world of sites to put your stories the three discussed here are
Travel Pod, My Trip Journal, and
Travel Post

One of my personal favorite’s is Igo Ugo, where your go points can turn into
mileage if you write enough journals. It’s a warm environment all the same. Happy searches!