Current TV

You probably have already heard of the new broadcast company called Current
that is launching in August. No? The one that Al Gore is behind and that will cater to the poor “media starved”
darlings in 19 to 34 year old demographic…all those poor kids who don’t have a network of their own, and that everyone
seems to be ignoring. Ha!

Well, kidding aside, let’s just say that what they are doing over at Current is a grand experiment. They are trying to
put the media back into the hands of the people, as it were, largely by getting folks with their DV cams to shoot and
cut stories containing real slices of life. It is a great concept, and one I’d love to see work, but the jury remains
out so far on whether it will be a success. If you’re interested in what they’re doing, and want to perhaps try your
hand at getting a video story to air, you can submit your work over at the current site. They are always looking for
good “content”, and maybe you can cut together the video from that great roadtrip you took last summer.