Kipling in Vermont

The literary
is one of my favorite sites. It explores places around the country and the world through the context of
famous literary folk who have lived or visted them. Some authors just seem permanently affixed to certain places.
Steinbeck to California, Faulkner to the South,
Hemingway to Cuba…and Key West…and Spain (ok, so some are
associated with more places than others). No matter. The point is that often we come to know a place through these
people. And that’s what thiis site is all about. Bringing fresh light to a place you might think you know, by showing
it to you in the eyes of a famous writer.

I’m going to single out a single example, this article on
Kipling in Vermont. But there are plenty of
others on the site, and you might just find yourself on this lazy Friday spending a fair amount of time there.