Airplane Ruminations Part I

So I was flying into LA last night on JetBlue and as we slipped through the brilliant blue over Cincinnati, I
stepped into the airborne bathroom and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Now, I am hardly narcissistic. Not by
a long shot. But I looked at myself in the airplane bathroom mirror and I thought, hey, I look pretty good. I mean,
sure, I could use a haircut, maybe a good teeth cleaning…but in the taxi cab rearview mirror on the way to the airport,
I thought, you look like a psychopath.

And then I realized, you know what, this is not the first time. This has happened more than once: that in the airplane
bathroom mirror the human image seems to be better than it is, say, at home in the full length mirror, or even the
steamy post-shower bathroom mirror. Or even passing by the mirrored windows of the Nike store. And then I wondered, is
it just me? Am I the only one who thinks he/she looks better in the airplane bathroom mirror? Is it just me? I’m just
asking. Am I the only one! And if you agree, then why is this so? Something about the altitude affecting your
judgement? The lighting?

An important question to ponder.