I Heart Planet Magazine

You walk into your local bookstore these days and you’ll find hundreds of glossy, kissy face
covers trying to win your $4.95 or more depending on the magazine, but my latest fixation
for the last year or so has been Planet.  The focus is on global culture and
lifestyle and with each turn of the page I have to calm myself. “Be still my beating heart,” I say. 

If anyone has their ear to the hum-drum, drip-drop, bass lines, jungle beats, rap songs and pop for the streets
it’s got to be Planet.  It’s not a music mag by far, but they know the sounds of the globe and this month’s issue
on Summer Music is beyond shakin’.  Featuring some of my favorite’s on the music scene this month’s issue has bits
on M.I.A., Marie Daulne,
Sabina Sciubba, and
Daara J.  Another interesting read for the month
is the piece on the border town of Tijuana, Mexico.

If you want to learn to enhance your global summer sounds for the road, I suggest you pick up an issue