America’s Toughest Hikes

Here’s a quick little list found in
the Chicago
(originally found in Backpacker mag online)
on some of America’s hardest day hike’s.  I figured there was no point in
not sharing the list with the folks here, so if you’re looking to hit some trails and work up a massive sweat see
if any of these are in your neck of the woods.

  • Timberline Trail, Oregon

  • Pemi Loop, White Mountains, N.H.

  • Great Range Traverse, Adirondacks, N.Y.

  • Windom Peak, Colorado

  • Cactus to Clouds Trail, CA

  • Great Smoky Mountains End-to-End, TN/N.C.

  • Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim, AZ

  • Enchantment Lakes Traverse, WA

  • Paintbrush Canyon-Cascade Canyon Loop, WY

  • Bigelow Range Traverse, ME