Getting Your Boot to Fit Right

Have you ever purchased a shoe in the store realizing two hikes and six blistering sores later that
you may have picked the wrong foot gear?  I know, I know, I’ve been a
victim too.  This is something that has to have happened to everyone at some time in their hiking
adventures.  And later they will stress over and over again how important it is to treat your feet right on
those lengthy hikes. 

There are several factors that cause these unnecessary sore feet (coughs – choosing style over comfort), but
Backpacker online suggests many of us lack
the knowledge of proper footwear fitting.  Kindly enough they’ve also provided a guide starting first with the
anatomy of the foot, boot and also socks.  Wish there was something like that when I went to school, but there are
also many practical tips and ways to modify an already not so hot boot fit.