Lars von Trier

Just a quickie on one of my favorite Directors. Lars von Trier of Denmark would have had me at hello, but I had to accept the fact that he’s never been to America, nor does he really wish to come. People who don’t want to come to America have always made me raise an eyebrow. (Though there are several good reasons to stay put elsewhere.) But people who have never been to America and continuously make films set in American cities makes me raise a double eyebrow. (Dogville, Dancer in the Dark, and the upcoming Manderlay to name a few examples.)

According to Trier enough American news is viewed on Danish television for him to never step foot in the country and still be completely aware of everything going on. Having touched on topics in American history like the Great Depression and American slavery it intrigues me most how well he captures the human condition, suffering, and torment of the characters lives in well say, a place he’s never been. But suffering is suffering no matter where ever you are I suppose.

I could write for days about the incredible Director, but one other interesting bit I just found out about before I stop is on a project called Dimension. This film starring Udo Kier is a 33 year process being shot three minutes every year during the Christmas season in a different locations all over Europe. The premiere should take place in 2024. That’s what I call patience and filmmaking.