Crossing Australia

A while back I posted about a film I saw at the
Explorers Club film festival about a guy who crossed Australia on foot south to north. A great film.

Here’s a

New York Times piece
on a similar topic, albeit the story is not nearly as harrowing as the one told in the film.
The writer decides to cross the rugged Kimberley Plateau, a vast, dry forbidding swath of earth in the land down under.
He gets by licking ants, dodging dingoes and bellowing the national anthem in a natural amphitheater.

Long before Crocodile Dundee I found Australia interesting. And yet it is the only continent which I have not yet
visited. I am likely heading there next year for a friend’s wedding, and have to admit I’m psyched to do so. The only
question is how much time can I get in to do some diving at the Great Barrier Reef?

Anyway, that’s way off topic. Take a read of the article above. It’s a good one.