Life in Qatar

I just received a friendly hint that we check out a personal blog site
about the country of Qatar (pronounced “cutter”, I understand). The reader mentioned that we didn’t have much about the
country, and when I checked myself I saw that he was right. So I checked the links he sent and found a very enjoyable
blog entitled: Life in Exile: The life and times of an American family in

What could be more compelling/inviting than that?

So I started reading through the site and found it immensely enjoyable. Dervish is what he calls himself, and he and
his wife have been in Qatar now at least since December. The blog is filled with insights into life in one of the more
obscure countries in the world. Newshounds might remember Qatar as the staging place for much of the war effort…at
least for journalists.

But give the site a once over. It is very revealing and the photos are fantastic (I found it interesting that Dervish
says his photos have been banned by the UAE). You learn a bit about how women are treated in the country, about Qatari
cultural life and much more. I think we’ll check back with this blog in the future.