Roskilde Festival

Sorry, one more music festival I have to tell you about (isn’t that what summer is about, though? Doing some great
outdoors stuff and then catching a music festival here and there?)

Well, make note that the Roskilde Festival is coming up in Copenhagen
on June 30. This is one of Europe’s biggest and hippest music fetes. In case you didn’t know, the Roskilde festival,
the first one at least, was inspired by Woodstock, and the festival maintains the Woodstock vibe. You may not find free
love, but there are allegadly several toppless parks around, including at
Vigen Strandpark, the beach north of the
festival grounds. The festival is about 30 miles outside of Copenhagen and the town of Roskilde quintuples in size.
It’s said to be a real hoot, so add it to your to do list if you’re Scandinavia-bound in late June.