Vietnamese Salad Rolls

One of the things I miss most about living in Hawai’i strangely enough is the Vietnamese food.  I
believe it was the finest and closest I’ve found to the actual cuisine made in
Vietnam. And I’ve tested a couple of restaurants on the mainland. Seeing that my nostalgia has taken over my
senses I went searching for Vietnamese recipes and among many here is one I nabbed.

Something about this
Vietnamese Salad Roll recipe
found at seemed so light, crisp and incredibly  toothsome, that I had to pass it on. 
It’s not extremely difficult to fix-up either which makes it a perfect starter for any Asian inspired meal. 
Once you’ve got the salad rolls down you can add to your Vietnamese cooking experience by preparing it with dishes such
as Hot and Sour soup or Pho, noodle soup.  Both of which should be fairly easy to create as it’s only soup. 
BTW – I’ll be more than happy to critique.