Dogtown and Peralta on NPR

Did anyone out there see Dogtown and
? I did. I loved it. The film captured the flavor of the California skate culture like no other film. And it
was also just a beautiful film to watch. I grew up in So Cal, so these guys were legends to me.

So if you enjoyed that film as much as I did, then you probably also know that Stacey Peralta, who
directed the documentary, has a new film out based on the doc
called Lords of Dogtown. Again, it’s all
about the surf and skate culture of California in the 1970s with a special emphasis on places like Venice Beach which
are known for their ample sidewalks and the “we can give a shit” attitude of the locals. If you’re a fan of
Peralta and his partner Catherine Hardwicke, you’ll probably enjoy listening
to this NPR interview with them.