Hard to Find Paddle Books

While we’re on the subject of paddling, I thought I’d
post about this feature from Sea Kayaker on hard to
find paddling books. I just recently got my hands on Jon Bowermaster’s
Alone Against the Sea and Other True
which I plan to review here shortly. But there are several othe gems that paddlephiles might be
interested in at least knowing about, even if they can’t be found on Amazon. A book like
Enchanted Vagabonds (1938) by Dana Lamb is one that
held my interest. The Lambs, Ginger and Dana, left San Diego in 1933 and paddled and sailed their hybrid
kayak/canoe/sailboat to the Panama Canal. A very impressive feat at a time when couples just didn’t do those kinds of
things. Another is Kayaks to the Arctic (1967) by E. B. Nickerson, another couple’s adventure that has the Nickersons
taking three Klepper folding kayaks to Fort Providence in the Canadian Northwest Territories.
The list goes on. Check it out.