Colorado Sahara

Who says you have to go all the way to he Middle East to pretend you’re Laurence of Arabia? In fact, to find some of
the biggest dunes around, you only have to go as far as Colorado. Here’s

an article in the Chicago Trib
about the Great Sand Dunes National Park,
giving it the props it deserves as one of the countries coolest places. I’ve been here a couple of times. The dunes
are, well, dunes. They look very cool, especially as the sun does down during the golden hour, so if you’re a photo fan
you’re in for a treat. But they are also fun to run around and tumble down. You will inevitably end up with sand in
your ears and other orifices, but it’s worth it. As the article suggests, its a great place to climb, take photos or
just hang out.