Guyanese Pepperpot

In the many times I’ve visited Island Events I never took the time to check out their ‘What’s Cooking’ section until today. In brief Island Events is your one-stop information guide to really fun and exciting affairs across the twin Caribbean islands of Trinidad & Tobago. When the time comes to start preparing for Carnival you’ll definitely want to check them out, but in the meantime you can brush-up on your West Indian cooking skills.

This particular recipe doesn’t come from straight from TnT, but its close South American neighbor, Guyana. Guyana isn’t a typical South American country and many of its plates will resemble those found in the Caribbean. And f you find yourself in Georgetown and ask for one of the more common dishes in the country expect a spicy bowl of Pepperpot to be placed before you. Cubed lean beef, cow heel quartered, lime, thyme, cinnamon stick and hot peppers are just a few of the ingredients needed to prepare Pepperpot.

A bit complicated to cook at home, I’ll leave this one for more experienced gadling chef. I’ve never dined at a Guyanese restaurant or had this dish some I’m curious to know how it turns out! Keep me posted.