World in the Balance

The people that want to shut down or curtail the funding of public television are crazy. Nutso.
Downright stupid. And if this applies to you, feel free to comment and explain yourself, but be ready to be mocked. I
wake up some days and thank the sky for public television. Shows like Nova
and Frontline are pretty much the finest stuff we have on TV
when it comes to using the boob tube as a device to inform.

Case in point: a series out last year on public television called
Life in the Balance. The program examines the effects of
population pressure and rapid industrial growth, and ponders where all this is going? To some awful Malthusian
nightmare where we’ll be eating each other like Soylent Green? Or are humans ingenious enough to figure their way out
of potential doom? These are huge questions worth examination…examination the way only public television can do.

The People Paradox will air on June 14 at 8 pm, and China Revs Up on June 21 at 8 pm.