Cotton Castle

Created by deposits of thermal water that flowed down the mountain over hundreds and
hundreds of years forming several pools is only a small piece of information that gives
this site located in Turkey its nickname as ‘Cotton Castle.’  When the water overflows stalactites form giving the
appearance of snow or cotton from the distance.  Looking at the name,
Pamukkale gives me the impression that
it may be located in Hawaii somewhere, but this natural phenomenon has got to be one of Turkey’s best kept
secrets.  Unless I’ve just been in the dark all this time. 

Globo Sapiens has a nice little
travel here blurb about it if you’re intersted in experiencing the hot springs and it’s supposed healing
properties.  I’d go just  to catch a glimpse of the beautiful pools, lingering sun and Turkish
landscape like Francine Heon captured in the photo above. 
Lucky fella and an absolutely stunning photo.