Travel in NYT Book Section

One section of yesterday’s
New York Times book section is all about
one of our favorite topics: TRAVEL! The idea is to bring awareness to some of the travel tomes available this summer,
stuff you might haul along with you on your next trip.

Among the goodies, TRAVELS WITH MY DONKEY: One Man and His Ass on a Pilgrimage to
Santiago), where in the British comic writer Tim Moore walks the cobblestoned roads
of Spain with his donkey Shinto.

and: CLARA’S GRAND TOUR: Travels With a Rhinoceros in Eighteenth-Century Europe. This one seems
very promising.  The book is about a rhinoceros named Clara who was brought to Europe from India,
launching a 17-year-long tour before hoards of people who had never seen anything like a rhino, as well as several
kings and major historical figures including Frederick the Great. So the rhino is sort of present among great
world events, but as a quiet bystander, kind of like Forest Gump.

So those are the two I thought most interesting. Just my preference, of course: Spain and endangered wildlife. You
may have your own thoughts on what will make the best summer travel reading.