White Stripes Canoe Wedding

A kinda fun story. White Stripes singer
Jack White
British model Karen
in a canoe in the Brazilian Amazon. There’s a lburb about it, too, on the
band’s Web site. They were married near the city of
Manaus, where the Amazon, the Solimones and the Black Rivers meet up
(some strange kind of symbolism, I wonder?).

White Stripes manager Ian Montone served as White’s best man, while Stripes drummer Meg White was Elson’s maid of
honor. Elson might be familiar to
some: she was in the band’s video “Blue Orchid.”

The band says “this is the first marriage for both newlyweds,” but alas, this may not be true. In 2003 The Detroit
Free Press discovered a 1996 marriage document between Jack and Meg (filed under their real names, John Anthony Gillis
and Megan Martha White), but they were divorced four years later…so maybe he meant, “first time in the last few years
or so.”