Gadling Podcast: Quit Your job

It is my
guess that very few folks know that June 24th is the International Day of
. I didn’t. But that doesn’t mean it’s not something to add to your calendar. But more than that, I wonder
how many have ever considered taking not just a day, but a whole year off. Ditching the cube and the bleat of the fax
machine for 365 days of travel or self-improvement?

Well, that’s what our newest podcast is all
about. Our interview is with is with Dean LaTourrette and Kristine Enea, the authors of the new book: Time Off: The Upside to Downtime. These two "leisure
experts" explain how they came to write the book, and tell some stories and details about how you, too, can bail
for a year…or a month…or however long it takes you to make your life a little richer.

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Host: Erik Olsen.
Format: 22 minutes