Travel Guide Peru

Several years ago I slogged the Inca
and took five days to do it. That is the way the trail should be done. Forget taking the bus to the ruins
like the old-timers. That’s for wusses. Besides, the walk is (mostly) beautiful as you get to pass numerous other,
lesser-known ruins and to see and breathe in the fragrant air of the Peruvian countryside. And then, on that brilliant
dawn when you arrive and pass through the gate of the sun at Machu Piccu, well, there is nothing like it, and you feel
all the better because you worked for it.

Well, if Peru is on your agenda, you could do worse than
check out this Peru guide from the
Independent. It covers MP, of course, but a whole lot else besides including info on places to hang out at the beach
and surf, and jungles to trek until the leeches are happy.