What Happened to Amelia Earhardt?

Outside takes yet another look at
the Earhardt mystery and a group of folks who think they’ve solved the puzzle (turns out she became a stripper in a
nightclub in Honolulu…just kidding!). Well, the mystery of Earhardt’s disappearance has dogged amateur and professional
sleuths for decades…not to mention how many segments of “Unsolved Mysteries” TV programming have been dedicated to the
topic of her disappearance.

Well, the folks at Outside don’t offer the solution…but they do serve up some interesting characters including a guy
named Mike Kammerer who has shelled out several millions of dollars of his own cashola to solve the mystery. He has his
own theories which, sadly, don’t include the stripper story, but are interesting in their own right, and you don’t have
to wait for Leonard Nimoy to stage a TV comeback to get your dose of Earhardt theories.