Loneliness on the Road

One of the better travel Web sites for women out there
Journey Woman.com, has go a short peice and some
community feedback on what it means to be lonely on the road, and how to deal with it. I think anyone who has traveled
alone before, male or female, has at some point dealt with a bout of loneliness. They key is how to get through it, and
now to prevent solitude from wrecking your vagabonding.

Myself, and this is very basic, I tend to bring along a lot of reading material. Way back when I did an overland trip
from Antarctica to Los Angeles, I lugged moore books along than clothes (both on a volume and weight basis), and this
really helped me at times when my mind wandered to friends and folks back home. But there are other ways, too,
as the article suggests to beat the road-wandering
blues. one woman likes to give herself presents. And another suggests spending time communicating with folks at home
via the Web…always a good idea, and a great way, too, to keep a sort of permanent journal. So, get out there, and keep
a stiff upper lip. And remember, it’s better to be on the road than off it.