Matisse & Jack’s Homemade Energy Bar Mix

What happens when you go out to hit the slopes and notice some idiot was either too much in a

hurry or so recharged from the energy bar they ate that they couldn’t throw the wrapper in
the trash?  Instead, they throw it on the ground, littering a beautiful snowy landscape.  You pick up the
wrapper, but you become so irritated by the sight that you create something bigger, larger, and greater than anyone has
before.  That’s basically the gist of what happened to Sarika Singh one day in Tahoe.  She took her
frustrations to the lab and after a couple years in the making Sarika and her colleagues introduced a Homemade Energy
Bar Mix.  High-five gang!

Dirt World Has the dirt
on the homemade energy snacks that do far more than save the world from mindless
litterbugs.  Apparently the mixes contain a variety of wholesome ingredients and make the kitchen smell more
delicious than the energy bars dumped out of the box.  People like the idea of fresh baked goods, which adds that
extra ‘umph’ to making them on your own.  It’s not hard, in fact it’s very easy, healthy, and a little bit better
for the planet. 

The mix can be purchased at Matisse & Jack’s online where
you can also find some nutritional info on the goodies.