How to be a Travel Writer

Ah, a question everyone wants answered. And, by the way, I got a very satisfactory answer to this question during
the course of my podcast with Travelers tales publisher James O’Reilly, something I urge you to check out. But in this
case the person

answering the question
is the LA Times Travel Writer Susan Spano, who says that what’s required is first, take a
trip. Yes, it sounds easy, but too often you remain chained to your cube or desk or wherever you work. But there’s more
to it than that, of course, and Spano gives some good advice on how to get started. She also dispels some of the
romance of the craft, especially where guidebooks are concerned.

To wit: “Travel guidebook writing is particularly thankless, I quickly discovered when I did it in my younger
days. The pay isn’t great. The formatted nature of series guidebooks curtails creativity, leaving authors’ favorite
bons mots on the cutting-room floor. Most guidebooks are the work of a team of writers, who share the credit in fine

But brace up, bucko, and don’t let that get you down. Now get out there, travel and write.