Sea Kayaking Mongolia’s Lake Hovsgol

Three reasons to be extremely jealous by

Nathan Ward’s sea kayaking piece
over at Wet Dawg:

First thing, the lucky chap takes off from work to travel in the land of Genghis Khan with
his two beautiful Australian lady friends (this doesn’t really make me jealous, but it’s for the fellas), second,
he explores some of the most untouched deep, blue water’s Mongolia has to offer in Lake Hovsgol, and lastly
he snacks on fresh turnips, potatoes, and blueberries with the local Mongols. 


The real prize however is kayaking the fourteenth largest freshwater lake in the world.  Hovsgol
is often compared to Lake Baikal, yet it doesn’t have most of the environmental problems Baikal currently
does.  It’s even said you can drink the water without any harmful effects.  Surrounding the lake are
taiga forest and high mountains which also are home to several animals lurking about as you kayak.  Located 440
miles outside of the capital Ulaan Bataar, Lake Hovsgol judging from Nathan’s story makes for a great outdoor kayaking
escape.  Just make sure you pack enough food if stopping to experience local hospitality isn’t on your agenda.