Podcasting Picking Up…Duh

We love doing our gadling podcasts. The last one
we did with the folks behind a new book on taking a
year off almost made us want to quit our jobs and head out into the world with just a backpack and, well, a microphone.
We plan, too, to keep doing them, and hopefully will line up some real cool guests in the near future. If you have any
ideas along these lines, by all means, send me a comment, and we’ll do what we can to get them going. But in the
meantime, I thought it was interesting to see how much this podcasting thing has taken off.

As I read this article on radio stations now
entering the podcasting fray I was kind of perplexed why it has taken so long for folks to do this. I mean, for the
most part, the technology to do these has been around for years. Sure, RSS adds a significant dimension to the
podcasting thing, and that’s what really gave the concept the big push, but why haven’t radio stations provided MP3s of
their shows at least since the beginning of the MP3 player phenom? Well, certainly every movement like this needs it’s
catalyst, and that’s what Adam Curry and others did for podcasting. And for that we should all be glad because the
range of cool content out there will just grow and grow, and hopefully, we’ll continue to be a part of it.