Travel Writing’s Travails

We’ve posted about the pitfalls and thrills of travel
writing several times, and one of our old friends Carl Parkes (AKA Friskodude) sent us a heads up about
a section of his site on the same subject. He’s got article excerpts
about the craft of travel writing, as well as stuff on seminars and photography…all nicely mixed in with his own
commentary on how to make it in the travel writing biz.

Carl, as you can see from his site, is an avid travel writer and a
very talented photographer (we’ve posted several of hs pictures as our Photo of the Day). He also has a rather
fascinating back-story, having worked for Dean Witter in San Francisco before taking the time to see the world. Carl’s
site is a great resource for those travelers who ask themselves how they might make a living traveling and telling the
world about it.