Universal Packing List

When I met Jen in Costa Rica for the very first time, she was dragging in what looked like a
body bag, but was actually her luggage. My friend and I couldn’t help, but to wonder
what the hell she had in that bag and soon enough we found out. Seeing that Jen was traveling alone we invited her
to hang out with us one evening at beach front club. She thought this would be the perfect time to use her fire
twirling gadgets, things, items, or whatever you want to call them and she pulled them out her bag.  Alas, an idea
of what was inside! When she travels alone she likes to bring things to keep her entertained and I suppose a whole
lot of them, but she can sure put on a show.

All that really hasn’t a great deal to do with the Universal Packing
site I’ve found here, but it can help if you find yourself over packing, under packing and taking on way too
much junk. It has a great way of generating your own customized your packing list, by providing a few of your
trip details and some other information.  Good tool if you can’t make a list in your head or find yourself a
little overwhelmed with other planning aspects for your next big trip.