Pink Floyd: Couple More Things

I am so fired up about this Pink Floyd reuniting thing I have to say a couple more things.

First of all, the whole thing reminded me of one of my
biggest regrets of all time (regret sucks). I was traveling in Europe for the first time as a wee lad right after the
wall came down, and Pink Floyd (that is, Roger Waters) was playing the Wall Concert in Berlin. I was all set to go, but
at the last minute I met some French poofta who told me that everything was sold out and that I’d never find a place to
stay. He was going to Greece, he said. Forget Berlin. Normally, I wouldn’t let something like that dissuade me, but
this time, I did. Fool. As a result, I missed one of the most historic concerts of all time. So the lesson is: stick
with what you think is right and don’t let people convince you to stray. A powerful, albeit broad, message for

The second thing is that as I was Googling Floyd just now, I came across
this wonderful short film from The Final Cut album (a massively
under-rated album, IMHO).  If you are a Floyd fan, you will love this…and/or perhaps you’ve already seen it.

Anyway, just had to get those things off my chest. Check out the
for sure.