Millennium Park Chicago

Now let me say up front here that I love Chicago. I
thikn it is one of the best cities in the world. Not as great (sorry!) as New York, but a tight second place.

So with that pehaps offensive intro out of the way, I have to ask: Have you heard about the new
Millennium Park in Chicago. Just last night I was listening to Charlie
Rose and he and his guest were raving about it. It is said to be one of the finest examples of urban renewal and park
development since Olmstead said to himself, yes, a park in the middle of New York City. A FINE idea!

Well, for those who haven’t heard of the new park…and even for those who have and want to know more, the
Chicago Trib has got a
dandy feature on the project, with photos, text and even video of various artists talking about their work. It is
really inspiring to watch, especially for those of us here in New York City where officials and biz folk can’t seem to
get their sh*t together over what to do with Ground Zero, the Stadium the Olympics, etc.