Mummy Pets

There is an old lady on West 11th Street who really loves her little fluffy. She goes everywhere with him, grooms
him at an expensive pet grooming store, feds him sirloin, and picks up his poop with a peculiar reverence that always
makes me wonder if she’s saving the steaming piles in some wall-safe in her apartment.

She’s a bit excessive. But the fact is, we all love our pets. We have loved our pets from the first time a prehistoric
wolf-dog chased an antelope femur and brought it back to his master. So it should be no surprise that the
Egyptians loved their pets
too. Loved them enough that literally millions of animals were mummified and buried alongside their owners. Many of
these have now been dug up, and they are on display for your pleasure at the Natural
History Museum
of London. So if you’re looking for some great ideas on how to prep Fido for the afterlife, you
might pay a visit.