Adventure Medical Kits

A good place to go on the web if safety is top priority on your next trip and even if it isn’t, is
Adventure Medical Kits.  It’s not that they just toss some band-aids,
Motrin, antiseptic towelettes, and butterfly closure strips together and ship you a kit, they specialize in making them
light weight.   Who wants to worry about packing extra trauma pads when you can barely fit your Crest
ultra whitening toothpaste with baking soda in your toiletry bag? Not me.  Their selection
is one of the best I’ve found with light weight kits ranging from one day to twenty eight day
trips and for large groups as well.    

One I thought was really well put together if your worry both about scrapping your knee and need to fix
some gear on your way is the Cuts and Bolts Essential Kit.  It
includes some standard plastic hardware, sewing kit, tent repair, blister materials, wound management supplies, as well
medications.  And there’s actually a slew of other stuff I didn’t even mention packed inside.  The kit runs
for $31.95.