Chernobyl’s Charms

There is adventure tourism (mountain biking, etc.), there is experience tourism (cooking in Florence, etc.) and now
there is environmental disaster tourism.

The brilliant marketing folks at the Chernobyl nuclear plant have come up with a great gimmick:
walk the ruins of one of the
history’s worst environmental catastrophes! You go, we show, you’ll glow! or something like that. Maybe it sounds
better in Russian.

Anyhoodle, on a serious note, I have to say it’s fascinating that this “dark symbol of Soviet rule” as the article
puts it, has become a tourist destination. But you have to admit that the idea has an odd, kind of sick allure. I mean
Auschwitz is a tourist destination. I’ve
actually been there and it had great impact on me. So perhaps it”s not such a bad idea. What’s next, though? Perhaps,
tram rides through Falluja??