Go Abroad Young Man/Woman

Ever dreamt of going overseas for a year or more? Trying to live in a completely different environment than the one
you know? Living abroad is one of the best things you will ever do. I’ve lived overseas a few times, and those are some
of the best memories of my life. In fact, I am constantly thinking about how to get overseas again. I would guess that
sometime in the next five years I will have moved outside the states.

But what about you? Do you want to pick up and see another part of the world as well? Then check out this site called
Transitions Abroad. It really is the most solid and useful site out
there for would-be expatriates. There is an amazing amount of information here to help you decide where to go, what you
can/will do, how to prepare and so on. As you can probably imagine, lots of books have been written about the subject
of living abroad, and you can find many off them here as well.

In this age when America’s image seems to be suffering so badly across the globe, doesn’t it behoove us to get out
there and show the world the angels of our better nature?