Gliding the Grand Canyon

Several years ago I watched a film at an outdoor film festival of two guys paragliding in
Tyrolia (sadly, I forget the name). The footage was epic, really amazing stuff and inspired me hard-core to take a look
at this amazing sport. When I was living in Chile sometime later, I actually tried paragliding over Santiago. It was a
mind-blowing experience. Sadly, since then I can’t say I’ve gone up again, but have kept the whole paragliding thing
high on my life list.

Today I found this magazine dedicated to paragliding and thought I’d
point out this article on gliding over the Grand
Canyon. While gliding over the canyon would be exhilarating, my guess is you’d have to be a master at the sport. The
last thing you’d want is to go down somewhere in the canyon where you smack into a cliff or something. Obviously the
dude in this piece knows what he’s doing. Give it a read and tell me if this wouldn’t be a very cool thing to do.