The Danube Delta

Here’s one for those infatuated with almost everything Eastern Europe and for those who aren’t take it as a mere suggestion. Don’t know how I found the site, but finding your way to the Danube Delta in Romania shouldn’t be hard. When I found myself staying in a boatel on the Danube river in Budapest, Hungary I thought I had died and gone to heaven and when I reached my destination in Romania, a sleepy Transylvanian town named Cluj-Napoca, I felt it happen all over again. It’s hard to imagine what the two together might be. Incredible maybe?

So, why might YOU want to hoof it down to the river anyway? For starters, it’s a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site not to mention one of the best preserved deltas in all of Europe, where the waters of the Danube make their way into the Black Sea. Residing in the delta is several bird species, fish and 800 plant species. Traditional fisherman villages are also to be found along the delta. Sounds fairly impressive, but if hanging out, exploring and being one with the river isn’t your idea of fun activities I do ask that you consider some other great things to do in the country.

Romania is amazing, having both excellent, inexpensive food (least while I was there four years back) and several interesting places to bounce in and around. The site for the delta supplies a great deal on the country, accommodations, and of course more useful information on making the delta apart of your travel plans.