It’s sweeping the nation like a biblical swarm of locusts…he’s big, he’s dead, but he’s
baaack! In fact, Tut is doing Hollywood, hanging for the moment in LA’s County Museum of Art (LACTATE, or, I mean,

So yes, it’s showtime for the boy king once again, as King Tut, Mr. “born in Arizona moved to Babylonia” tours the
nation once again. National Geographic is going all out
with Tut factoids and Web sites that deal in everything Tut. You know, when I was a kid, and Tut made his first
appearance on US soil, we were lucky to see some pictures in a magazine. But today, man, you’ve got full on
Web interactives and all sorts of cool
stuff. It must be very cool to be a kid today when it comes to this kind of stuff.